Project 137 (Happy Birthday, Patti!)

Project 137 - love well, live fully, let go deeply, and make a difference.

I just signed up to join Patti Digh on her Project 137.  Today’s Day #1 !

It’s not too late to sign up (before you stop reading because you can’t afford any additional expenses, I’ll get to that in a second, so keep reading) and I hope you’ll join us as well.

Patti explains it better than I can,  so I encourage you to visit her site.  Below is a small excerpt to give you a taste of what it’s all about:

Every day for 137 days, you’ll receive an email with an inspiration, a question, an “assignment,” or a happy.

You’ll be asked to examine, in various ways, what needs doing in your life. And then, without the amount of reflection that simply paralyzes you, to act on those things, to do them. As if time were running short, which it is, of course.

This isn’t a class, but a project, and a gathering. It is an experiment in community.

I’ve known Patti (online) for a couple years now – she’s a sharp, funny, talented woman. The other thing we have in common (haha) is that she lost her stepfather to lung cancer, so her blog’s inspiration strikes a particular chord with me.

Registration is through EventBrite, the fee is pay-what-you-can. All payments are going towards helping cover medical expenses for Patti’s husband’s cancer treatment.


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