31 Cups in 3 Days to Make a Girl’s Dream Come True

Pick pretty much any shirt or dress from my wardrobe, and there's a 99% chance that I've spilled something on it at some point. So when I saw the “No Spill” Kangaroo Cup on KickStarter, it grabbed my attention.

Once I read the background, I knew I wanted a Kangaroo Cup of my very own – not only for the lure of a stain-free future, but because I was so inspired and touched by the story behind it:

The Story

A couple years ago my daughter came up with an invention to help her grandfather (my dad) who has Parkinson's disease, and was frequently spilling his drinks. After a bit of experimentation, she made him a plastic cup that didn't tip and was comfortable. About a year later, she noticed that I had wrecked a keyboard or two with spilled coffee, and she made me a ceramic version at a local pottery studio. Using it, I realized what a great cup it was and I asked her if she wanted to try to bring it to production. What followed was the adventure of a lifetime for our family that had us up to our elbows in clay, traveling to the world's capital of fine porcelain, JingDeZhen, China to prepare for a production run, and culminating in this Kickstarter project.

What started out a simple weekend project has become almost an obsession to build the world's best cup. I've had the time of my life working with my daughter to bring this product to production, and to show her that an idea can become reality.

… This campaign is not just about bringing a product to production, it is about sending a message to every parent and every kid with an invention (which is just about every kid) that in history's blink of an eye, we suddenly find ourselves living in a world where that dream can be made real.

So, to every kid (of any age) with an idea. This project is dedicated to you!

As of the time I am writing this, Lily has three days to raise the $521 needed to reach the $6,000 goal to make her project a success. One Kangaroo Cup costs $17 (shipping included). That's 31 Kangaroo Cups – just over ten cups a day.

Let's help Lily reach her dream! A Kangaroo Cup is the perfect holiday gift for your favorite slob. Even better, you'll be giving a gift with a meaningful, inspirational story behind it.

Click here to support Lily's project and buy your very own Kangaroo Cup.

Understandably, not everyone has money to spare these days – but you can still help. Pledges can be any amount (as low as $1), so you don't need to buy a cup to be a backer.

Even if you can't afford to support the project financially, you can help by spreading the word, and sharing information about the project with as many people as possible in the next three days.


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    Thanks for posting this, Lily and I really appreciate it.