The Inspiration

My website’s name was inspired by a poem of the same name that Mike Zaklin, my dad, wrote for Lynne Zaklin, my mother. Dad placed the poem on our kitchen table so my mother would see it as soon as she got home from work. (He was a special man – and they had a special marriage).

Years later, excerpts from the poem were included as part of my dad’s eulogy.

I share that poem here with you as a way of celebrating my dad’s life. You can help me honor Mike’s memory by taking some time to consciously “Enjoy Today”.

Mike and Lynne Zaklin

Mike and his lady Lynne

Enjoy Today
by Michael Zaklin, for his lady Lynne

Alarm, buzzing, ringing,
Radio on, listening to
What it has to say.
News, weather,
Enjoy Today!

Wash, get dressed,
Out the door,
Into the car,
On your way,
Meet the carpool,
Enjoy Today!

Traffic, bad weather,
Carpool companions,
Listen don’t answer,
Hear what they say,
Arrive at work,
Enjoy Today!

Noise from parents,
Students screaming,
Unhappy co-workers,
I must be dreaming.
Listen, don’t answer,
Hear what they say,
This is your profession,
Enjoy Today!

Time to leave,
Hurry, hurry, stand and wait,
Meet the carpool,
Someone’s late.
Ride home is comforting,
Only an hour,
Listen to the companions
Conversation is a little sweet,
a little sour.
Listen don’t answer,
Hear what they say.
Arrive at home,
Enjoy Today!

On the table set before you,
Cards and flowers,
From one who adores you.
Hugs and Kisses,
A beautiful bouquet.
Sweet caresses,
Words of endearment
and understanding,
From one who loves you,
No need to answer,
Enjoy Today

Mike and Lynne Zaklin

My parents: Mike and Lynne

(Special thanks to my mother, Lynne Zaklin, for being a woman to deserve such a loving poem and for so graciously allowing me to share it with you here)

  • Kaeleya

    this is beautiful Faryl-just like you and your family.

    blessings to you,

  • faryl

    Thanks so much, sweet Kaeleya!

  • Lynne Zaklin

    My  name is also Lynne Zaklin, my father was Sidney Zaklin and grew up outside of Chicago.  If you’d like to contact me @

    • faryl

      Hi, Lynne~ I need to be better at checking for comments! I didn’t realize there are other Zaklins outside our family – and what a coincidence your name is Lynne!

      Nice to meet you :-)